Job Searching during exceptional times

Here are some tips and tricks to consider

There has been a lot of talk in the last weeks about preventive and health measures in response to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). To be sure, we will all remember the year 2020, the year that we learnt how “to make lemonade with the lemons life has thrown at us”. Searching for a new job in these circumstances can be, for some people, quite challenging and requires a high degree of adaptability. With the present crisis, employers must also adapt to a new reality, that of teleworking, to operate with a reduced staff or still, to have to rethink their business plans, sometimes having to make the difficult decision to close their doors. Many have removed their job postings to give them time to refocus.

The ideas that we offer here will allow you to find the motivation needed to ensure your success and to enable you to feel some achievement in these uncertain times. Creativity and productivity are key words to adopt.

First and foremost, if you are looking for work:

  • Re-establish a regular routine. If not already the case, put your pajamas away and get dressed in a professional manner to start your job search. Take care of your personal hygiene and choose good food to give you the necessary energy to tackle on the day. Keep regular sleep hours and get up early to enjoy the day. Give yourself small, realistic goals (SMART goals) every day and reward yourself when you have reached your goals. For sure, you will be proud of yourself!
  • Continue to send your resume. Continue on your track even when you do not hear back from the employer. Send your resume to all the positions where you possess the required experience and skills.
  • Make frequent assessments. Review your cover letter and your resume on a regular basis. Ask yourself the following: “Are the jobs that I am applying to relevant to my professional experience and refer to my level of expertise?” “Is my resume attractive to an employer and does it answer to the requested requirements”?
  • Adapt your resume and cover letter. A frequent assessment is necessary in this particular situation. Revise your documents every time you apply for a specific position. Look again at the job posting, look for key words and insert them in your letter and your resume. Here are some examples of questions: “Is my cover letter personalized, have I included my most recent experience and are they relevant to the position”? ‘Am I introducing my qualities and skills linked to the position”?
  • Find employment that will compensate for loss of revenues. If need be, you may have to compromise and choose a part time position, home-based work or even make an exception and choose a job in a different field. Do your research and talk to your network contacts. Zoom in on the industry that has seen a growth in requests such as shipping and logistics companies (i.e., Amazon and Walmart to name a few), and other companies who work in the health field. It is therefore advisable to consider jobs based on your transferable skills that will enable you to find employment more rapidly.
  • Increase your presence on social media. Due to the actual pandemic, it is said that 95% of employers are now doing virtual recruitment by scrupulously scrutinizing job seekers’ profiles. It is therefore encouraged that you check your personal and professional image, what is also called your “Digital Mark” left on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media accounts. By taking into account this last point, you ensure that you control what is said about you on the Web.

The Employment Services Team – La Cité College, Orléans and Casselman offices – is ready to help. Our employment counsellors can coordinate the remote support services and continue to guide you in your efforts.

By clicking on the following link, you will have access to a professional development tool to better guide you in the development of your job search action plan.

– Action Plan

– Networking Sheet

– Job tracker 

Good luck and good health!


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