Ontario Employment

Employment Resource Centre (ERC) is a not-for-profit community-based organization with over 25 years of providing high quality employment services to the Ottawa and Russell county communities. ERC is a service of La Cité.

This program of Ontario Employment is funded by the Government of Ontario. We deliver Employment Ontario’s Employment Services within the Ontario College system.


Our vision

La Cité Employment Service’s vision is to connect jobs to people and assist employers in their recruitment and training needs.

Le Centre d'emploi et de Ressources (CER) - Emploi Ontario - Vision

About us

Designed to meet the needs of all job seekers, we offer a full service open to all, providing access to computers, printers, telephones, and a library of both online and in-print resources to support your career and employment goals.

We will provide the following supports:

  • We work on your behalf to create work opportunities with potential employers, that are matched to your skills;
  • We assist in negotiating the employer relationship on your behalf, which may include financial supports for you and your employer;
  • We are Funded through the Ontario Ministry of Advance Education and Skills Development – in the delivery of an effective, accountable and efficient customer driven service within the parameters of continuous improvement;
  • We are committed to strengthening the skills of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario population by investing in innovative partnerships with industry, education and workforce organizations.We seek to meet the immediate and emerging needs of businesses and workers so they can thrive in our dynamic economy.

Working with partners across our region we are committed to one common goal: to address unemployment and under-employment of people across Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Our Network

This year, La Cité Employment Service supported a network that includes:

  • 5,000+ job seekers visits to our sites last year;
  • 2,500+ jobs posted;
  • 1,000+ business relationships with employers;
  • 50+ community based partners;

Our Statement

Welcome to La Cité Employment Services! We hope this website will be a great resource.

Employment Service is in the jobs business. Across our region, we design on demand workforce programs in partnership with businesses, educators, and providers. We support the development of education and skills training while connecting jobs to people and people to jobs.

Through our work, we are known for our expertise in:

  • Meeting the needs of workers and businesses;
  • Innovative programming;
  • Creating multiple education and employment pathways for job seekers to succeed;
  • Building Ottawa and Eastern Ontario’s workforce development capacity.

We are part of a broader workforce development community that is dedicated to meeting the needs of job seekers, students of all ages, and businesses in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

We are committed to ensuring that regional businesses have access to a pipeline of skilled workers and that job seekers in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario have access to good jobs.

Our team

Jean-Robert Sabourin | Employment Service Manager

Jean-Robert Sabourin

Employment Service Manager

Johanne Fredette Meloche | Operations Supervisor

Johanne Fredette Meloche

Operations Supervisor

Wassim Hafsa | Operations Supervisor

Wassim Hafsa

Operations Supervisor

Marie-Pier Louis-Seize | Job Developper

Marie-Pier Louis-Seize

Job Developper

Sylvie Richer | Employment Counselor

Sylvie Richer

Employment Counselor

Diane Dicaire | Job Developer

Diane Dicaire

Job Developer

Andréanne Dupelle | Employment Counselor

Andréanne Dupelle

Employment Counselor

Vanessa Roy | Employment Counselor

Vanessa Roy

Employment Counselor

Valérie Lapointe | Employment Counselor

Valérie Lapointe

Employment Counselor

Diane Bertrand | Clerk

Diane Bertrand


Caroline Mineault | Employment Counselor

Caroline Mineault

Employment Counselor

Annie Caron | Employment Counselor

Annie Caron

Employment Counselor

  • (613) 741-9042, Ext. 4011
Gabriel  Lecompte | Employment Counselor

Gabriel Lecompte

Employment Counselor

  • (613) 741-9042, Ext. 4015
Aleksandra  Mansurova | Employment Counselor

Aleksandra Mansurova

Employment Counselor

  • (613) 741-9042, Ext. 4008
Badr Mantrach | Clerk

Badr Mantrach


  • (613) 741-9042, Ext. 4000
Julie Lalonde | Employment Counselor

Julie Lalonde

Employment Counselor

  • (613) 443-2300

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